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14 Most Popular Interior Design Styles

Modern, industrial, shabby chic….and the list goes on. A significant challenge many of our clients face is a lack of understanding or vocabulary to describe and define their personal interior design style. With an abundance of unique design styles, it can be daunting to decipher which style will work best for you. Some also enjoy combining elements of several styles to create their ideal look.

Home Interior Design Ideas

Home Interior Design Ideas

Are you looking forward to designing your brand new home or wanting to redesign an old space? Here are some design tips that can help you achieve that goal. We also added some photos from our previous projects for you to see how a certain element contributes to your space.

Use light earth-tone-colors

Home Interior Design Ideas

Install huge mirrors

This one’s especially for small spaces. There are many benefits of having a huge mirror in your room; it produces the illusion of space, maximize the room’s lighting, brings good energy to a room, and it keeps you looking sharp.

Home Interior Design Ideas

Hang some wall arts

Wall art comes in many forms, could be some painting or some unique piece of art. Most of the time, wall arts brings the statement to the room, so be sure to pick the right one.

Home Interior Design Ideas

Use accent colors and patterns

To liven your space, use some accent collors or patterns. Could be in form of throw pillows, vases, or any art decors.

Home Interior Design Ideas

Have a good lighting

Lighting is an important element in your space, it sets the right mood and adjusts the ambiance of an interior space.

Home Interior Design Ideas

Use carpet or area rugs

Carpets give warmth and can add great texture, color and personality to your space. It can also add fun and functionality to your living space.

Home Interior Design Ideas

Interior design

Interior design

Creative interior design solutions for residential, office and commercial spaces

With our expertise and innovative practices you can be rest assured that we can deliver the plans while keeping in mind your design requirements. With Mr. Eduardo Dungca III as the Managing Partner and Principal Interior Designer who has placed 7th in the interior design licensure examination, you are assured of a high quality and above expectations interior for your space. 

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A Retired Couple Moves From A 400-sqm House Into A 196-sqm Condo

Home Interior Design Ideas

Ed and Cecile’s family used to live in a 400-sqm house in Valle Verde, but since their children are already grown ups—their daughter is already married, while their son is based in Bacolod and only comes home twice a month—they felt that the house was too big for just the two of them, especially now that they have retired from their corporate jobs after more than 30 years of service.

Ideally, retiring from decades of corporate work would mean a large house in the middle of an expansive lot and enjoying the life in the suburbs or at least a secure and spacious village. However, it’s not the case to this retired pair of Baby Boomers who chose to sell their house and lot and 50% of their accumulated belongings to live the condo life that most Millennials lead. Now they call home a 190-sqm renovated contemporary condo designed by Doods Dungca of D3iD Design and Build.

Those 50% that were left of their things were incorporated into the new condo. Doods says, “We really considered the old furniture pieces. Hindi naman lahat kailangan gamitin, but as much as possible we want to save some. So some of them were reupholstered so they’ll match the finish and new concept of the condo.”

In the living area, Doods reupholstered the couple’s old rounded sofa into a modern one and added an old wooden chair that, according to the lady of the house, was from Thailand. In the middle is a custom-made coffee table. Meanwhile in the dining area, Doods kept the dining table’s base and replaced the table top with a new one, while the dining chairs and buffet table were custom-made.

Next to the living and dining area is the family’s den or entertainment area. According to Doods, the family also had a den back in their old house, so he turned one of the two guest rooms of the old unit into a den by tearing down one of the walls (facing the living room). In its stead, Doods put a sliding glass door to somehow extend the living area and also provide privacy when the family needs to. Storage is also incorporated into the den, with open shelves and full-length cabinetry under the TV.

Behind the TV was an offset wall to create a storage system that Cecile requested, while the wall that separates the den and the other guest room has full mirrors to create an illusion of a spacious room. The den’s feel is made warmer by the warm lighting and wood details of the floor.

Source and written by : condoliving.onemega.com

This 130-Sqm Rental Unit Mimics First-Class Hotel Rooms!

“The main request of the clients is a space where guests could feel they’re checked in a hotel,” begins interior designer Doodz Dungca. In the field of interior design, a hotel-style look is a common design preference for both designers and homeowners. It can be attributed to the relaxing and luxurious feel of hotel interiors.

hotel-style unit

Interior designer Doodz Dungca first met the clients seven years ago when they hired him to design a house in Bel Air, Makati. Since then, Doodz has been their family’s go-to designer. He has designed several properties of the client, and has even crafted the homes of their relatives.

hotel-style unit“Every time the clients have a new property, they give me a call to design it. Yung buong family nila including their titas and other relatives, whenever they need a designer, they just call me up,” shares Doodz.

The clients live a busy life. The husband owns a real estate brokerage company while the wife works for a bank. They have two children together, a three-year old daughter and a six-year-old son.

hotel-style unit
However, this 130-sqm. unit won’t be occupied by the family of four. “It’s more of an investment,” explains the designer. This luxurious three-bedroom unit is up for long-term rental, as part of the family’s business.

The designer recalls that the clients only gave him two specific instructions for the project. “When the clients called me to have their unit designed, they just said they want it done fast and in a certain budget,” he says. The rest of the unit’s design—the color scheme, style, and finishes—was all up to Doodz.

hotel-style unit
“I think they gave me the free reign over everything because of trust. We’ve worked on several projects before so they know how I work and what my style is. When they state a specific budget, they know I can work out the budget,” he explains.

But unlike the designer’s previous projects with the clients, this is the very first unit he actually created from scratch. “Usually when I do projects with them, it’s always more on furnishing and styling,” he shares. As Doodz established his own design firm called D3ID Design & Build, he and his design team were able to build the unit from ground up.

hotel-style unit
The design team turned this bare and empty space into a luxurious unit in hotel-style. Doodz installed cove ceilings and wall cladding throughout the unit and added built-ins in every corner for extra storage. “For me, it has to look elegant to match the concept of the whole building that is also about luxury,” he says.

Doodz chose to keep the existing flooring of the turnover unit. “Personally, I don’t like the floors. But I didn’t suggest to replace them because it’s new. Kasi sayang naman. Instead, we used the budget for other more essential things,” he explains.

hotel-style unit
Mirror walls and accents were installed all over the unit to make it look bigger. As for the unit’s color scheme, Doodz maintained a neutral palette to make it more appealing and easy on the eyes. “The clients are not really into colors. Even in my previous project with them, they’d like to keep it as neutral as possible,” Doodz shares.

hotel-style unit
Some of the furniture pieces and accessories inside the unit were sourced from China and Thailand. The bed, shelves, and side tables, on the other hand, are from Home Central.

“The goal was to finish the unit within a month. We were able to deliver and the clients are satisfied with the turnover,” Doodz says. Future renters will sure love this luxurious unit too, with its opulent interiors and hotel-like ambiance.


Source and written by : condoliving.onemega.com

Team D3ID

D3ID Team


D3ID is a one-stop design firm established in the year 2013
at Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines.

Our interior works are most particularly of, but not limited to modern and contemporary designs. We are committed to making our client’s dream spaces into livable works of art.

With years of experience in the industry and our commitment to deliver the best possible outcome of a
the project, we’ll give you that peace of mind during the entire design process.

Our design services are offered in parts or packages giving you the flexibility to manage
and implement your projects. Our scope of services comprise of interior design, fit-out works, and

Our Mission

To provide design services with the highest quality and value to our clients.

Our Vision

To be recognized as one of the best and respected design firms in the Philippines.


Our team comprises of professionals with great commitment and passion to their work. A top board passer Interior Designer, a licensed Architect, an experienced Head Engineer, and a team dedicated to delivering output that exceeds expectations..

Eduardo doods Dungca III
Principal Designer

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Wilfredo abad
head engineer

Derick Saturnino Alagao Jr.
Project engineer

Daveallen Laguinday
junior designer

Roxanne Chelxie Talato
junior designer

Elaine Cubacub
Marketing | Graphic artist


Jose P.
Jr. designer | Photographer

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